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Alviero Martini.

The traveling stylist was born in Cuneo, where he completed his first artistic studies. In 1990 he created the famous collection "1 Class", which it manages until 2005, his new creative path is born this year: "ALV Andare Lontano Viaggiando (Going Away Traveling)" From his passports he extracted all the stamps collected in years of travel and made one texture called "Passport".



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Andare Lontano Viaggiando by Alviero Martini

ALVIERO MARTINI, Born in Cuneo, where he completed his artistic studies and soon began to travel by exporting his profession: window dresser. But the fire of art burns in many other sectors and already as a boy he deals with graphics, theater and fashion. At the age of 14 he enters a tailor's shop where he learns to cut and sew and will be challenged in the future in this profession. At 20 he formed a theatrical cooperative where, in addition to acting, he created costumes. At 26 he made his debut as an actor in the theater with Vittorio Gassman, in "Affabulazione" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. These are years of intense artistic activity between theater, cinema, radio, TV and advertising. But at the same time he has cultivated his creativity by devoting himself to multiple trades: illustrator, fashion designer, costume designer, maintaining his original profession as a basis: setting up shop windows, taking photo sets, also experimenting in design and interior decoration . In his search for "something unique" many years later, in 1987, he will meet his destiny. In Moscow you find a map, a map that is as fascinating as it is faded. He glues it on an old suitcase and thus the idea of ​​giving life to an innovative line of bags and baggage that have the geographical map as their motive. It is 1990 and is the year of worldwide success. Identified as the creator of a new travel concept, the name given to him of "STILIST" TRAVELER enters forcefully into his life. Until 2005 he designed and created the famous Prima Classe collection, opening boutiques around the world with great communication events, and it was in this year that he decided on a new path: leave the maps for a new journey in style: ALV Andare Lontano Viaggiando (Going Far Away Traveling), ALV means also "Amare La Vita"("Loving Life"), new ways to go in the name of a unique and distinct style. The collections are characterized by the Passport print, a pattern in which Alviero collected all the stamps of his passports and combined them into 5 color variations, for bags and luggage dedicated to sophisticated globetrotters. New horizons in the professional career of Alviero, always dedicated to fashion, and in search of prestigious fabrics or refined leathers for new dynamic forms of bags and accessories. Menswear and womenswear is present from the first collections, for a sporty, casual clientele, but attentive to fashion details and refined details in the package. The project "La casa di Alviero" is underway, where in the same warm and welcoming environment, Alviero intends to present the various merchandise classes, from man / woman leather goods, to leather accessories, watches, perfumes, men's / women's socks, clothing sport and formal both for her and for him, shoes, children's line, and a wide choice of items for relaxation, from sleepwear to underwear, from home collection to furnishing accessories, glasses, and anything else necessary for ALV travelers .

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